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Dear, this site has been made for educational purposes. The site contains lectures and exercises for the first grade. All other notice will be posted here. A site designed for people who want to learn the basics of programming, information technology. Convert love and talent to work on a computer in the profession.

Web design

Februar 2018 - Jun 2018


Programski jezici & alati



          - 2016/2017 Software Engineering and Information Technologies (Master Academic Studies) FTN - Novi Sad(in progress)
          - 2004. – 2009.  Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak, Department of Computer Science and tehnology 
          - 2000. – 2004. Electrical Engineering School – Bijelo Polje


          - HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
          - Python
          - Django,Docker,Droplet 
          - Postgresql,MySQL, MagicDraw, PowerDesigner
          - Joomla, WordPress, OpenCart, Presta Shop 
          - Eclipse, NetBeans 
          - Windows, Linux,MacOS


          - Professor of computer Science Gimnazija ,,Miloje Dobrašinović” Bijelo Polje. 
          - Python developer in InventalS, june - august 2018. in Novi Sad 
          - Currently participate in the 4 projects. The first project is used: Python, Django, Postgresql , 
            boostrap and docker,2. Project: Play framework, H2 database, Angular, Bootstrap. Soon to look at 
          - Developing higiastadservice  website (in progress) Higia maid service is cleaning company. 
          - Developing Joomla  website for Założenie organizacji polonijnej w Czarnogórze (in progress) 
          - Developing  website (in progress) online shop. 
          - Developing  website. 
          - Developing Joomla  website for Gimnasium (in progress)
          - Maintains hosting reseller (including 30 sub cPanel accounts) 
          - Successfully use the WHM, Cpanel
          - Created a system for e-learning (moodle) 
          - Maintain a computer network in high school


          - Able to work under pressure 
          - Team player 
          - Desire for further improvement 
          - Passion for learning



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